Women’s Circle

Women’s Circle

Join us for a beautiful morning to nourish your body, mind, heart, and soul. Through sharing, meditation, ceremony and story we will explore and affirm our deepest truths. When a tribe of similar minded folks come together and share, we have the opportunity to move forward into our lives with clarity of purpose, passion, and power to better serve our own souls, our families and our communities.

The fall season is a potent time to dive deep within, illuminate how we see and present ourselves in the world. The waning days of brightness lend for introspection, a time to gather the harvests of the recent seasons, reflect upon choices, and begin to welcome in the coming darkness by cultivating focus on our soul’s calling. This time together is a perfect way to practice being witness to our inner process in the midst of autumn and nourish our hunger for authentic connection.

Come be inspired by the teachings of Lianne and Sharon, each other, the opportunity for healing, connection, and laughter. By participating in this event you will be empowered and inspired to consciously create a life you love. Sign up now for an magical morning full of blessings, wonder and renewal.

Enjoy the Ultimate Workshop Experience

Learn – Gain clarity to make better decisions and direct your life, to live authentically with meaning, abundance and flow.

Discover – Quiet the mind and connect with stillness to access deep tranquility and your soul’s message for your life path.

Connect – Meet like-minded individuals who are also on a path of exploration. Often long term bonds are formed through this process of sharing and supporting within a sacred space.


Date – October 26th 9:30 AM – 12 PM

Location – West Island Cancer Center (view map)

Tickets – Paypal

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