About Sharon

Sharon Cohen

I live my best life by helping women to do the same when it comes to their health and well-being.

Naturopathic Medicine found me as I sought the root causes of the dis-ease occurring within my close circle of family and friends. My loving mother’s diagnosis of ovarian cancer when I was 25 years old was a turning point in my life. Discovered at Stage 4, the cancer had already spread throughout her intestines. The next two and a half years were filled with surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation that left her weaker and weaker until her spirit had no choice but to leave her depleted 67-pound body.


Her experience left me devastated. I felt like there was not much offered to her in the way of nutritional or emotional support. After months of healing on my part through wonderful counseling and self-empowerment courses, I set out on a mission to find the pieces of the puzzle I felt were missing from the existing healthcare system.


As a young mother in my early thirties, I was invited to an introductory evening at a Naturopathic school. I resonated with the topics that evening about how disease reminds us that we may be out of sync with our true nature and soul’s passion and that our healing is an invitation to reclaim these.


I soon realized that disease is alleviated by restoring a healthy balance to mind, body and soul through proper nutrition, physical activity, stress management techniques and some gentle guidance towards self-awareness and self-responsibility.


My curiosity and desire for living a healthy, holistic lifestyle turned a passion into a profession. I use my vast knowledge, training and more than 20 years of experience as a certified naturopath, Bioset intolerance practitioner, and cranio-sacral therapist to help women to recognize that radiant health lies within their innate wisdom.


I have seen how the body can heal on its own when given the best conditions for thriving. These include energizing food, nutritional supplements, sufficient light, fresh air, clean water, regular exercise, emotional healing, and love. It is my passion to help clients to find their unique way through a process of healing. I believe every client should be treated individually regardless of the disease, condition, or symptom because we’re all different. My interest for many years has been helping women to re-establish hormonal balance and optimal digestion for a robust immune system.


During the coldest part of winter, I love to facilitate Magical Soul Adventure retreats with my colleague and close friend Lianne Bridges in sunny Costa Rica. A place where women gather to connect and recharge their batteries through introspective exercises which are all designed to promote well-being and nourish the soul in a gentle way.


Whenever possible, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends sharing delicious food and inspiring conversations. My passions lie in nature; hiking, kayaking and swimming in warm oceans as well as practising yoga and intuitive dance.