The Mind going crazyHow often do you dwell on something that happened a long time ago or stew over a situation that hasn’t even happened yet (and may never)? How often does something or someone get you flying into a rage or getting into an emotional eating binge?

The experiences of daily life can feel challenging and stressful, especially when there’s no safe space to talk about them or understand them. Yet just like the lotus, you can rise above them and grow from them.

People get triggered by so many things around them, and are quick to look at their circumstances for the causes – but in fact, the real source of those triggers and emotions are inside, not outside! And when emotions get locked up, they not only make you feel lousy, they affect your body. It’s surprising how many physical diseases and ailments have emotional origins. That’s because the biochemistry of your body is intimately connected to, and affected by, your beliefs, your thoughts and your feelings.

I help people to understand how their mind and body are connected. Through counseling sessions, I can provide a safe space for you to connect with the root of your suffering and help you heal your emotional pain, so that those triggers no longer throw you out of control. In short, I free you from those old stories that keep you bogged down, so that you can soar and live as your most radiant self!

It would be a privilege to support you on your emotional journey. I offer many counseling techniques, workshops and courses to support you in healing past emotional pain and living a full, vibrant life filled with joy and radiance.

If you have any questions about your particular situation, I’d be delighted to answer them. Call me at 514-235-8900 or fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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