This retreat is perfect for you – if you are looking for an environment of love and harmony to support your personal process of healing, growth, and evolution.

Join us in cultivating renewal, regeneration, and wellness! Together we will explore & journey through a full week of sacred practices that include:
Yoga, ceremonies, Inspired talks on body mind and spirit, Pranayama and meditation, Experiential self discovery workshops,

Join inspiring and experienced wellness practitioners: Sharon Cohen – Naturopath and holistic teacher, Dr. Madan Bali – 93 years young, Vedanta scholar and yoga guru and Dalia Marom – yoga teacher and Sound Healing practitioner on a sacred, nourishing journey that promises to nurture, rejuvenate, and bring peace, clarity, and joy.

Your guides will create a safe environment to encourage you to bring vitality into your life while providing you with the ideal space to deeply relax and connect with your soul’s deepest calling. Be inspired and deepen your practice of yoga and meditation in a blissful setting where delicious food and beautiful people come together.



Give birth to your voice, your wisdom, and your courage for we all hold the power within to birth something beautiful.

Under the guidance of the new moon we will explore how we can be the fullest version of ourselves. Whether that means more rest and relaxation, eating healthier or breathing more prana into the body, heart, and spirit, this retreat will help you uncover your deepest desires.

We will hold the space to explore a full range of sacred yogic practices, magical sound healing instruments that nourish the soul, wellness talks that up lift the spirit and exercises that bring us closer to our true essence. All this to discover what is needed to feel more whole, vital and able to manifest our true passion in life.


Come rediscover yourself between the ocean and the jungle.

Vida Asana, one of the first yoga retreat centers on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, was founded and built by Alejandro and Rose, in 2002.

Since then Vida Asana has grown into a beautiful retreat center and eco-resort, providing a combination of lodging, fresh (mostly) organic meals, as well as yoga, surfing, and mountain biking vacations. Our guests enjoy a simple and mindful experience that is often lacking in their daily lives.
We encourage our guests to soak up the sounds, smells, and visually appealing landscape, while letting go and allowing their soul room to breathe.
Our goal is to create a happy environment that supports education, mindfulness, and adventure.


Includes 7 nights / 7 days accommodation breakfast, lunch, and dinner,
yoga, sound healing, and daily experiential workshops

Special bonus excursion to a breathtaking waterfall!!

Rainmaker is one of the most important and impressive rainforest ecosystems in Costa Rica.

The park has a very old growth forest which we consider as a primary ecosystem.

During the nature walk along the trails in the park you’ll have the chance of enjoying the many waterfalls and ocean views from the top of the virgin forest. The fauna in the park is diverse; such as birds and reptiles.

Register today as there are limited spots!


$500 Deposit Required
Full payment due Dec.15th, 2017. For both early bird and regular price.

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Single supplement $350.00 US extra

Airfare, transfers, additional excursions and travel insurance are extra.

Contact us for flights and insurance details and travel agent referrals.

Retreat is non-refundable

Your Guides on the Retreat

Sharon Cohen

Sharon’s purpose in life unfolded when she was 25, and her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Seeing her go through traditional medical care made her realize that there was a missing piece. She found it in holistic healing, which looked at the whole person and not just body parts. Sharon began training in a number of different healing modalities and understood that although sometimes we need a little help, we have the power within us to heal ourselves. She felt called to devote herself to empowering people to love, appreciate and heal. It is her firm belief that you CAN feel radiant and energized – all day, every day as you move past old programming that no longer serves you and allow your most passionate dreams to unfold.

Sharon grounded herself with a solid education. After completing her degree in Psychology, she studied Naturopathy at Institute NHC as well as Energetic Healing, Her certifications extend to being a Bioset Allergy Elimination practitioner, as well as a Cranio-Sacral therapist. It is important to Sharon that she continues to invest deeply in her own inner development, healing and transformation.

Since 1995 Sharon has been in private practice, specializing in holistic services that include emotional and spiritual counseling, balancing hormones, assisting in the healing of digestive challenges and allergy elimination. Her goal is to encourage her clients to hear and act on their inner wisdom so that they can feel energized, inspired and freed up to live a life they love. She has been leading retreats for the last 3 years in Costa Rica as well as facilitating courses and workshops relating to optimum wellness and the nurturing of self-love.
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Dalia Marom

Dalia has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and completed her teacher training with Dr Madan Bali in 2014. She has since studied Himalayan Sound Healing, Shamanism through the the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Naada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) with the internationally renowned Gundesha Brothers and Sound Therapy with the Institute of Light Colour and Sound.

Dalia has lead numerous yoga and sound healing sessions and retreats in around her home town of Montreal as well as on the international level in the US (Omega Center) and Mexico (Omni Hotel), Costa Rica (Posada Natura, Spa Holis). She also works extensively with her Guruji Dr Madan Bali co-leading various events and retreats. Her sessions incorporate therapeutic Yoga (Dr Bali Method, Nidra, Yin, Hatha), pranayama, guided visualization, meditation as well as various sound healing modules including: Tibetan bowls, tingshas, rattles, gongs, Chrystal pyramid, Idiopan drum in 432 hz (healing frequency of the earth) and deep vocal vibrations.

Besides teaching Yoga, Dalia is also an actress who graduated from Concordia University’s Professional Theatre program and a singer songwriter who is currently working on her 2nd mini album. This album is a spirit pop sound inspired by yoga, sound healing and transformation entitled Light Years Away. Come join her for a detoxifying full body experience while revitalizing your entire system and awakening your inner bliss.

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Dr. Bali

Dr. Madan Bali is an extraordinary example of a healthy lifestyle. Now in his nineties, he continues sharing the joy of yoga in his classes and workshops. He is a Vedanta scholar with a Doctorate in Complimentary Medicine. He is also one of the best sources of wisdom and knowledge about yoga and its applications for wellness in everyday life.
Founder-director of Yoga Bliss, he was born in Northern India where he developed an interest in a spiritual path from a young age. A long time yoga practitioner, he immigrated to Canada in 1969 and began sharing his knowledge. For over 45 years Dr. Bali has successfully introduced Yoga in Montreal at several colleges and school boards as part of the curriculum, as well as hospitals, corporations, and community centers. He has developed Yoga as a complimentary form of therapy in treating psychosomatic disorders. His practical and extensive experience of the therapeutic benefits of Yoga techniques is particularly useful in today’s fast-paced stressful way of life.
“Being brought up in India, amidst the cultural milieu of yoga and its philosophy gives a certain edge to understanding the comprehensive, broad-based nature of a very well structured system.” Says Dr. Bali.
The Bali Method of yoga is based on the principle that the body is so well designed and equipped that it is self sufficient with a complete pharmacy of its own. The body has the finest technology within to help generate all its essential needs with a mathematical precision. Dr. Bali’s Method provides a practical methodology to tap into the body’s full potential for healing and wellness.
Just as a plant needs healthy roots to be strong and sturdy, we need to keep our subtle body refined and regulated, so it is able to simultaneously coordinate and co-relate its infinite scale of activities and maintain an experience of optimal wellness. Getting in touch with the body’s own self-referral feedback system can help reverse the damage caused by stress, unhealthy habits, poor diet and negative emotions.
Dr. Bali has developed a unique method of yoga asanas, pranayama, bandhas, and kriyas, combined with a metaphysical approach for an evolution of consciousness. Also, his method helps integrate and refine the subtle body, transcending into infinite and timeless essence.
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Dr. Bali’s Video