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Symposium: Lighten Up! Dare To Be Your Most Radiant Self

November 8, 2015


Is the routine of everyday life weighing you down?
In caring for others, have you lost yourself along the way?
Are you aching to light a fire in your life but not sure how – or even know what that fire is?

Lighten Up! Dare To Be Your Most Radiant Self will help you discover possibilities for living a life you love.

88145ec1-adb0-4b81-9fa8-1fd5c15d6c42Join us on Sunday, November 8th at the beautiful lakeside setting of Chateau Vaudreuil for an amazing day of personal discovery, inspiration and hands on activities that will help you reveal your unique gifts and get your life moving in a direction you love. All that and a healthy, delicious buffet lunch and organic snacks. This is a day that has been designed just for you! 

As women, we so often put the needs of others before ourselves without recognizing that when we are not physically, mentally and emotionally healthy, we are not truly in a place of positivity to nurture and support the relationships we care about or live the life we really want to live.

During this day you will…

* Discover methods to find and listen to your inner voice
* Learn how to meditate and practice gratitude and mindfulness
* Explore and discover your unique gifts
* Learn how to quiet your ego and expand your perspective
* Find ways to reconnect with your intuition
* Connect, share and be inspired by other fabulous women

This is a day to invest in yourself!

This promises to be a day that will nourish your soul and lighten your spirit. You will leave the day enriched, energized, motivated and equipped with the tools you need to embrace your radiance and move your life forward in a direction you love.

Interested in being an exhibitor or sponsor at this event? Click here for more information about symposium sponsorship. If you would prefer to talk to us directly, please contact Susan Williams at 514-654-5465 to find out how you can get involved.

Here is what is planned for you during this day:

Meet Your Primary Facilitators:

Sharon Cohen and Bhaskar Goswami will be your primary facilitators throughout the day. Together, they will take you on a journey of discovery that will challenge your thinking and inspire you to step out of your comfort zone. Through different interactive exercises, they will help you to view your life from a different perspective and break through any blocks that may be limiting you from living your life to its highest potential.

Together they will help you;

* Gain a deeper understanding about yoga, meditation and mindfulness and how these practices can be applied to help support you in your daily life and lighten your life

* Engage in exercises and activities that will allow you to view and live your life from a positive perspective

* Help you to envision and create the life you have always wanted to live

* Be inspired by others as they share their stories of personal challenge and how they overcame them to live their most radiant life!

More About Sharon Cohen:

white-shirt-cropped-1For me, this symposium is a labour of love….. Love for the women who came before me, love for myself and all my sisters who walk this path with me. It is the love of being a part of a community of women who are ready to create a healthier way of walking through life. Women who honour their feminine strength, stand in their authentic power, and are of service to others without losing their inner balance. It is our time now as women to nurture ourselves and replenish our heart and soul. It is our time to shine! My joyful calling is to create a loving space for women to explore, embody and experience their wholeness so they can LIVE with a grateful heart and passion for life.

Since 1995 I have been in private practice, specializing in holistic services that include nutritional, emotional and spiritual counseling, menopausal symptoms, digestive challenges and allergy elimination. My goal is to give you the tools to achieve optimum wellness on all levels and unleash your most radiant self. I also lecture and facilitate workshops relating to wellness for women and the nurturing of self-love.

More About Bhaskar Goswami:


Bhaskar combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with modern lifestyle-improvement techniques to provide this unique perspective. From Assam, India, Bhaskar is a Yoga Consultant who has been deeply involved with the practice since the early 90’s. He is a certified teacher of traditional hatha yoga and a specialist in employing the principles of yoga for corporate performance enhancement.

Born into the yogic tradition, he comes from the lineage of Vasishtha, who is considered to be one of the founding fathers of this ancient practice. He has been trained at the Transcendental Meditation school of Assam in India, by Yogacharya Nandakumar in Kuwait and by Siromani Sriram and the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta in Canada. With a Masters degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Nottingham in England, Bhaskar has a 10 year international engineering career in petroleum, telecom, audio, acoustic and microelectronics industries. Bhaskar is the Founder of the award-winning yoga company, BODHI, and a grateful father of two children.



 Susan Wener: Life: It’s All About Your Perspective

Having survived cancer – not just once but twice – Susan knows first hand how quickly your life can change. Susan will share with you her amazing life story and how she discovered that it’s really your perspective on life that matters the most.

Susan Wener:

susan-wenerSusan Wener is an educator, guide and teacher to people coping with life-threatening illnesses. A two-time cancer survivor, she espouses the belief that “saying it’s hopeless is like slamming the door in the face of God.”

Susan helps those facing the stress of illness by empowering them to find a sense of healing within, and her goal is to move her clients beyond fear so they can fully enjoy each and every day. Her multifaceted training has enabled Susan to better guide her clients in a holistic way, encouraging them to develop new and resourceful ways of “viewing their situations”. Her therapeutic approach combines her expertise in bodywork, visualization, NLP and hypnosis in a personalized way tailored to each client’s individual needs.

An expert in many areas of healing, not only does Susan possess a teaching degree from McGill University, she is also a Natural Health Consultant with a certification in Multi-Dimensional Healing. She is a practicing member of the National Association of Naturopaths, and has been a member of the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association since the mid 90s. Susan spent two years training in visualization and imagery with Dr. Stephen Hlophe, and holds a Master Practitioner Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, and Hypnosis with world-renowned Master Trainer, Dr. Tad James.

Beyond the individual patient-therapist context, Susan was also previously an active participant on the Board of Governors at the Jewish General Hospital and The Board of Hope and Cope, is an honourary Trustee on the Foundation Board at the Jewish General Hospital, an observant member on the Board of Directors of Thrasos Innovation, and is a Natural Health Consultant on the Gynecological Oncology Tumor Board of the Jewish General Hospital.

Today, Susan is a loving and energetic wife, mother of three, and grandmother of nine.


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Cancellation Policy:
We reserve the right to cancel this event at any time. If we cancel the event, you will receive a full refund. Participant’s refunds are available (less a $50 processing fee) up to 4 weeks before event (October 8, 2015).


November 8, 2015


Sharon Cohen, Holistic Naturopath