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On this International Women’s Day, I wanted to tell you about the women I am celebrating . It is easy to honour the women who we see in the news who make grandiose contributions in the world. However today I wanted to honour the women that have graced me with their presence for the last 20 years. In my office there is a filing cabinet that holds the stories of hundreds of beautiful women that I have had the honour of connecting with as a Naturopath. These women have taught me that I can be broken and beautiful all at the same time. I remember the woman who was exhausted, overweight, taking care of a handicapped child and having regular fights with her husband. We sat week after week heavy hearted as she made peace with her life’s choices and slowly made decisions to live a healthier life loving herself, loosing weight and asking for support as she in time accepted her beauty. This woman inspires me… I think about the lady who I saw for months as she built up the courage to leave an abusive relationship. She was terrified when I first saw her and slowly worked through her fears one by one until she was ready. One night she took her two children and went to a shelter where she was supported to move on with her life in a way where she felt safer. Even though she still did not know her fate she stood up for her self and her children who were her everything. She found the courage to step out and step into a life of truth. This woman inspires me… I remember the cancer survivor who sat wearily on the couch across from me who was at her wits end. She felt like her body was beaten and overcome by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. She felt empty and wanted someone outside her circle to witness her pain and maybe help her to create some hope. She was a single mom of two and did not want her children to see her fall apart. I really got in that moment what it was to feel broken. We as women seem to strive to act better, do better, be better. There is no better; this is it! It is OK to be where we are at… in all those years I talked with women about the darkness, the places of pain, the times we have trouble loving parts of ourselves and the secrets that we feel keep us safe. All in all I discovered that when women found and accepted the lost, hidden parts of themselves they wanted to contribute to other women letting them know they were not alone. There is much celebrating today for game changing women who are creating great transformation around the world today. However today, I also want to celebrate the women that have sat across from me all those years sharing their dark, heart warming stories. We laughed, we cried, we encouraged and held space with compassion… As women, embracing it all, the dark, the light and everything in between has made us the beautiful beings that we are. As we embrace the broken pieces and the beautiful parts we realize that we are one. Whole, complete and perfect with all of our imperfections. I salute all you wise, courageously strong women… In life we trip and fall, and sometimes break into a million pieces. When all is said and done we get back up, dust ourself off, take the learnings with us and continue the brave journey one step at a time. We gain our strength from one another and realize that we are all in this boat together, part of something larger, walking each other home. Beautifully radiant women! In light and love, Sharon