“Earlier this year I had the great pleasure of taking a course called “Making Peace With Food” with Sharon Cohen. As Sharon pointed out at the beginning of this adventure, it really isn’t about food at all, this was a journey into self understanding. We could have spoken about food, or sex, or money and come up with all the same conclusions. It was a great experience going through this process with Sharon as she is wonderfully empathetic, non-judgmental and incredibly insightful. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and even though I shed tears during every session I know that they were tears of discovery that left me feeling a little bit more free and light from some of the baggage of my past.”


“I am a holistic therapist who first met Sharon as a colleague in the wellness community. I had several opportunities in a variety of situations to get to know her as an expert in her field, and I decided to bring my 6 year old to see her professionally. My daughter has for several years suffered with enlarged tonsils and glands which on many occasions have caused her breathing difficulties at night in her sleep. During one of my daughter’s tonsil “flare ups” I brought her to see Sharon, who with great patience, skill and understanding worked with her on some environmental and food related sensitivities. With the support of supplements which were skillfully chosen for my daughter, Sharon successfully brought my daughter through her crisis. Her warmth and compassion made it incredibly easy for us to work with her, and more importantly my daughter realized some true and rapid results working with Sharon, I highly recommend trying to work with Sharon in the unfortunate event that you have a child with some sensitivities or allergies.”

Joyce Shanks
Reflexologist, Cranial Sacral Therapist & Reiki Practitioner

“Sharon is a very knowledgeable and compassionate Naturopath. I have consulted her on many occasions for a variety of health concerns for my family and myself and having followed her advice and prescriptions, we have all undoubtedly benefited. She is a very patient listener, and detailed with her analysis, which leads to an excellent diagnosis of the problem. Her combination of Homeopathic remedies has eliminated my need to consult a doctor on many occasions. Being a believer in natural and homeopathic remedies myself, Sharon is my first choice as a health consultant.”

Seema Saigol

“I met Sharon several years ago. I had been coughing non stop for a long time and a doctor told me I had cat asthma and that I should get rid of my 2 cats. I heard from a friend that Sharon does Bioset and after a few treatments, my cough was gone as well as other allergies. Throughout the years I have received many of her therapies and have taken some of her seminars. I am blessed to know Sharon. She is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to alternative ways of healing, she is warm and open-hearted and it is healing just to be in her presence. P.S. Now I have 3 cats !!!!”

Karen Mosuk, Reiki master, Holistic energy therapist, Reiki master

“I had decided that it was time to make some changes in my life and was offered an opportunity to explore my issues with Sharon. Her approach was both professional and encouraging. The suggestions and guidance Sharon offered helped me to focus and be positive on this journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone experiencing major life challenges.”


“We have good news again: salmon is finally becoming a favourite dish for Alexander. As per your instructions, Alexander re-started his trying at salmon this past Saturday, 3 days after our visit last Wednesday. I did a little support (meridian) work for him that day since he felt a little tingling on the tongue and in the throat. However, this support was no longer needed on Sunday during his second try, followed by a third try on Monday, when he had almost a real meal of salmon. Some friends came over Tuesday to share with Alexander a lunch of shrimp dumplings and baked salmon. Then we knew the work over the summer is really paying off!!

With that, I (and Alexander) should thank you again for the patient guidance you have given to Alexander. We are not yet sure for all the fish and seafood, but it already removes a great deal of strain for us all in the family now that Alexander can eat shrimp, canned mackerel (and canned tuna, we knew before), sole, and salmon. As you mentioned, I also think Alexander should have much reduced sensitivity to nuts, especially almonds, cashews and walnuts you worked with. We look forward to working with these again next year.”

Mr. Ni